The A85 Cure Foundation

The A85 Cure Foundation (A85 Cure) , is dedicated to funding advancements in research and advocacy to cure Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S.).


Phone: 630.480.0428

Registered Charity: 81-3292469

Headquarters: 913 W. Liberty Drive Wheaton, Illinois  60187

Satellite: P.O. Box 2077 Mississippi State,MS 39762

Not affiliated with MSState or its outreach program. 

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Our Brand Story 

Why are we named A85?

Our name, “A85”, is an original concept, created by our board of directors.

The “A” stands for our founder, Amanda (first initial), the “85” is a statistic found during our initial research which states that 85% percent of all patients are misdiagnosed prior to receiving a P.O.T.S. diagnosis. 

Why is our slogan RISE? 

The slogan “RISE” stems from our very beginnings. During her diagnosis process, Amanda found inspiration from her favorite NBA basketball player Stephen Curry (#30 of the Golden State Warriors). Stephen Curry once said, “Every time I rise up, I have confidence I am going to make it.” The word that resonated was rise. It felt like the perfect word to represent our brand, since our primary motivation is to rise above the challenges and negativity of being a patient of P.O.T.S.

Good cardio health has been identified as a key factor to combating P.O.T.S., movement and exercise are critical, Rise and Rise Up are words that indicate what literally needs to be done and provide a sense of hope.

We encourage our supporters to take part in our fundraising efforts by rising up and joining our quest to cure P.O.T.S.